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An interdisciplinary success story,
born in the academy

Eric Budish defends his Harvard economics PhD dissertation on a mechanism called "Course Match" under the guidance of economist Alvin Roth to make course registration fair and efficient
2010 – 2011
While working on his computer science PhD at CMU, Abe Othman develops an algorithm that makes Course Match viable in the real world
Fall 2011
Eric Budish, Abe Othman, and Judd Kessler run live tests of Course Match at the University of Pennsylvania
Alvin Roth is awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in the field of market design
Fall 2013
Course Match goes live at the University of Pennsylvania
Spring 2017
Cognomos begins widely deploying Course Match across leading campuses


Matt Boulos

Matt Boulos, JD

Founder & Product Lead
Abe Othman

Abe Othman, PhD

Founder & Chief Scientist
Eric Budish

Eric Budish, PhD

Director & Professor at the University of Chicago
Dan Alig

Dan Alig

Director & CIO at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Alec Lamon

Alec Lamon

Director & Research IT Head at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Le Zhang

Le Zhang

Advisor & Investor

Lead Investors

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