We built Course Match to make registration fair.

Cognomos was formed to advance, deploy, and support Course Match at scale.

Intense doctoral research into equitable student
schedule distribution begins at Harvard and CMU


Course Match invented

Fall 2011

First test of Course Match at the University of Pennsylvania


Alvin E. Roth awarded Nobel Prize

Fall 2013

Course Match live at the University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2017

Cognomos Inc. formed


Rapid adoption of Course Match across higher ed

Course Match is now everywhere from liberal arts
colleges to the world's largest research universities

True partnerships


Our experience in higher education means that we can get you up and running quickly while making sure that every critical base is covered.

1. Assessment and Plan
An implementation expert works with you to design a deployment plan and serves as your team's primary point of contact.

2. Instantiation
We create as many instances as needed for training, testing, and experimentation.

3. Data readiness
Deliberately minimal data is needed to to optimize registration and customize each deployment to your requirements.

4. Training
All members of your team have the opportunity to participate in group training and hands-on coaching. We provide you with collateral and advice for explaining Course Match to students, faculty, and other stakeholders.

5. Testing
We encourage and support the use of test runs to ensure that everything is working as desired.

6. Live
When you go live with Course Match you'll have the certainly that every piece is in the right place.


First-class read/write API and simple data load/access.

Single Sign-on
Native Shibboleth/SAML support with email-based user accounts as fallback


Built from the ground up to protect your students, meet regulatory compliance, and exceed the most stringent higher ed security expectations.

White Glove Support

A dedicated point of contact guides your team at each stage, from evaluation to post-deployment.

Core Team

Matt Boulos
Founder and CEO

Eric Budish
Director; Professor at the University of Chicago
Inventor of the Course Match mechanism

Alec Lamon
Director; Research IT Head at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Abe Othman
Founder and CTO
Creator of the Course Match algorithm

Dan Alig
Director; CIO at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Le Zhang
Advisor and Investor

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