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Increase in student satisfaction
Reduction in needed seats
Improvement in equality of schedules

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Simplify course registration
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Eliminate manual processes

Unify course registration with a single automated process — from course selection to waitlists — for your entire student population

Improve student satisfaction

Course Match's powerful algorithm guarantees that every student gets the best possible schedule — maximizing for both fairness and efficiency

Get precise demand data

Our rich analytics platform gives you the insights and tools to know where to best commit your curricular resources

Powered by Nobel Prize-winning Economics

Course Match is a direct application of intensive interdisciplinary collaboration among economists, operations researchers, and computer scientists to create the fairest distributions possible.

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Success stories

“Our single largest increase in student satisfaction in 20 years.”

  • Student satisfaction doubled from 28% to 65%
  • Inequality dropped by more than 50%
  • Administrators reallocated class capacities in real-time

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“Everyone is still a little stunned at how positive the results seem to be.”

  • 99% of students received a top class
  • 10% of class seats were dropped because they were no longer needed
  • Manual allocations were eliminated

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In the Press

...Course Match improved the likelihood that second-year students could enroll in one of the most popular courses by more than 50 percent compared with the Auction results a year ago.

Professors at Wharton find fairer ways to allocate courses by transferring workload to computers.

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